Free and Easy Organic Tomato Soup 400g

Free & Easy have blended all natural organic ingredients to create a warming soup that is not only delicious and full of flavour, but full of healthy nutrients too whilst being suitable for those with a range of dietry requirements. Organic Vegan


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Ingredients: Water, pureed tomatoes* (25%), rice flour*, corn syrup*, sunflower oil*, onions*, sea salt*, paprika*, herb pepper* (white pepper*, bay leaf*, rosemary*, nutmeg*).  *all organic ingredients are asterisked

Nutrition (per 100g):        

Energy (kcal)                    69      
Energy (KJ)                   288    
Protein (g)                   1.4  
Carbohydrates (g)                   8.4    
Of which sugars (g)                   2.7              
Fat (g)                   3.6              
Of which saturates (g)                   2.4           
Fibre (g)                   1.6                
Salt (g)               0.5325