Do you have a shop I can visit?


Our store is based in Liverpool. Please find us at:

47c Wellington Street
L19 2LX

Myself or a family member have an allergy. I am concerned about cross-contamination, what does Unifill do to prevent this?

At Unifill we take your health and safety very seriously. All our products are stored in lidded containers and colour coded according to group/allergen. Items which may potentially pose a health risk will be handled separately to other items, so this means that these more risky items will have their own allocated scoops, funnels and pumps. If you would like to use your own scoop please ask in-store as we have spare scoops available for you to hold on to. 

In addition, you can also let us know through a note on your delivery order that members of the household have allergens.

All the items on our website should have the allergens listed in the description, if we have missed any, please let us know! It is important to note that the allergen lists that we supply are taken from our suppliers so whilst we strive to make sure all the information we supply is correct; we cannot be liable for any incorrect information.

Whilst Unifill have protocols in place to seperate allergenic items from non-allergenic items we cannot guarantee that items will have been picked, transported and sorted by suppliers and manufacturers in the same way.

Do you offer student or blue light discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount off your order!

If shopping online, please let us know by email and we will provide you with a coupon code or if shopping in-store just let us know at the till and we will apply the discount to your total. 

What types of containers can I use?

We would advise anything that's fairly lightweight and can be easily cleaned. You could try using packaging you may already have at home e.g. shampoo bottles/spray bottles; takeaway/food storage boxes and glass jars.

How are loose items packaged for delivery?

We package dry items in recycled paper bags and liquid items in plant-based bottles made of re-purposed sugarcane waste.

Do you provide any packaging?

We sell glass jars that range in size in-store and online, we also provide free recycled paper bags and a donation basket for spare containers. We sell some pre-packaged items in sustainable/reusable packaging.

Can my packaging be plastic?

Yes. The most important criteria for packaging is that it can be cleaned between use.

Are your products organic?

We try to stock organic products where we can, all organic products are labelled as such.

Can I request items?

Yes, please do! If you have any thoughts on products you would like to see whether it be specific items, brands or product ranges – do not hesitate to contact us using our online thoughts and suggestions service, this can be found at the bottom of the home page.

Are all your products vegetarian?

Yes. All our products are vegetarian.

Do you deliver to Halls of Residence?

Yes. In fact, we offer free group delivery so if you and at least two others in your halls of residence make separate orders to the same halls you will all receive free delivery!

Where do you deliver?

We now deliver Nationwide!

In order to reuse your own packaging you must be based in Merseyside, however we can send our products via courier.*

We pack our products using minimal, sensible packaging with a combination of reused packing materials we receive as well as eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging.

Our dry, loose items i.e. pastas, rice, herbs etc will be delivered in paper bags whilst the liquid, loose items will be delivered in biopolymer packaging. The biopolymer packaging is made from repurposed sugarcane waste, if you would like to find out more about biopolymer packaging, please visit: https://www.raepak.com/the-future-of-plastic-bottles-is-biopolymer/.

*Please note that unfortunately our refill service is not currently available due to the current pandemic, we will make notification when this service becomes available again.

What about the issue of petrol usage?

We appreciate that offering delivery means we will have a higher petrol consumption as a business than street trading shops. We are always looking at ways we can adapt and take measures to make the delivery process eco-friendlier.

In the meantime, we will be using the carbon offsetting service, Gold Standard, established by the WWF. Unlike other services which offer carbon offsetting, Golden Standard invests in an array of projects.

Every month we will hold a poll on our Social Media pages to determine which carbon offsetting project you would like us to invest in for the following month.

If you would like to find out more information about Golden Standard and the work they do please visit their website at: https://www.goldstandard.org/about-us/vision-and-mission.

What does Unifill do to trade sustainabily and with the envrionment in mind?

At Unifill we firmly believe that it is the responsibility of businesses and consumers alike to modify their lifestyles in order to lessen the negative impact on the environment and maybe even increase our positive impact!

  • Where possible and safe, we source our equipment secondhand
  • We invest in eco-initiatives using the company's profits, the money that is invested does not come from sales or the delivery charges
  • We only use eco-friendly cleaning products at our base
  • Any food waste will be distributed to food recycling schemes
  • Unifill uses minimal paper, customers will receive email confirmation of their order and will not be given a printed shipping label. Upon delivery/collection you will be asked to provide an e-signature to confirm you have received your delivery. Any paper we use in our office comes from sustainable sources
  • Currently, our journeys are made by car however we will be looking at introducing delivery by bike.
  • By using the Shell Go+ app, Shell will offset carbon and offer carbon neutral driving, however on top of this we also use carbon offsetting services.